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meridians and ailments

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While describing Voll’s diagnostics briefly, I mentioned that our organism frequently copes with ailments and some deficiencies on his own, without letting us know – and after some time a disease occurs „immediately“ and „out of nowhere“. Nevertheless, it is not like that really. It turns out that our organism, while trying to cope with a problem, sends us a significant range of various signals – form subtle ones to immense alerts symbolized by pain. Unfortunately, nowadays, and in everyday rush we tend not to focus on such „details“ or to overuse painkillers. These are major mistakes. Pain is the signal, which informs, that something wrong is happening in our body.  It is like an attempt to communicate via phone – our body tries to tell us something about it. While using a painkiller we simply break up on him. I personally think that nowadays people are too accustomed to exceedingly easy accessible and gradually stronger painkillers, which make them harm themselves twice as hard. At first they distort signals of their bodies and secondly, they additionally poison their bodies with chemical substances contained in such pills, which – while being artificial – cannot be neutral for our organism. The question is – how long can our body keep it up? And then we go back to Chinese medicine’s basis and to the topic of meridians. These are the same energetic channels and points, which are used in acupuncture and acupressure, which are also examined in Voll’s diagnostics. As we currently know, they are responsible for separate organs or systems in our body. They are one of first communication lines. They can be successfully compared to “servicing interface” of our body – just like in cars.

How does it work?

Sometimes a pain emerges somewhere. The pain is not intense, but in some cases it is acute and it frequently turns out that it has nothing to do with a place when it occurs. For example, we do often hear that one of our friends complains about pain in his knee. Sometimes in both at once. Doctors tend to „diagnose” joint’s problems and prescribe anti-inflammation and/or painkillers, as well as some supplements supporting „joints‘ lubrication“. However, it turns out that the pain does not need to be connected with knees. When we feel the pain on the sided of our knees, they tend to stand for problems with pancreas/spleen or live. Where this idea came from? In the inner side of knees, meridians of organs mentioned below organs are located and while some dysfunctions occur, pain in these areas can occur (sometimes also in feet). It can be also connected with a dissection of gall bladder – this meridian is located on the outer side of knees. In addition, stomach remains – energetic channel of stomach is located at the front and goes through the middle of the kneecap.

Another example may be connected with women headaches. Women frequently complain about long and acute pains on both sides of their heads, sometimes only on one side. Strong and effective painkillers are used then frequently, which are to serve as a solution – for example Ibuprom that destroys intestines and liver. Moreover, frequent causes of such pains might be – and frequently are – problems with gall bladder! Our intelligent organism informs us about this by partial or utter pain of densely located on both sides of the head gall bladder’s meridians.

We can also provide another example – it concerns arm’s lumbago or so called „painful shoulder syndrome”. Few separate energetic channels flows through our arms – in majority of cases, though, problems with arms are connected with problems with small and greater intestine or with gull bladder. We frequently feel unusual pains in various parts of our bodies - sometimes it is a pain in our feet, which creates an impression that the feet is swollen, sometimes it is a pain of a small toe, but only on the right side. Nevertheless, in our body there is a dense network of energetic channels, which are connected with separate organs, which inform us subtle or more acutely about a problematic issue. Isn’t it a great system? The main task is to be aware and do not disregard such signals and be able to distinguish them properly. I would like to convince you to make yourself familiar with this interesting knowledge, which was “explored” for us by ancient Chinese doctors about 2000 years ago. It is advisable to read books about acupressure or acupuncture, when we can find “maps” of meridians locations in our body.